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The game Tiefe Taschen by Fobs Games is sold out.

Dear Customers,

let's have a look at the new games of Jumping Turtle Games.

Notification: The game Tiefe Taschen by Fobs Games is sold out.

Food Facts
by: Jesse van den Berg/Salko Joost Kattenberg/Rens Kattenberg

Jumping Turtle Games Sign is a social fast-paced card game for teams.

While playing Sign you have to keep an eye on the cards and the other players at the same time while signs and cards fly over the table. While a round progresses or after multiple rounds the suspense builds up at the table. Is the other team on to your cards? Did they discover your signal? Or are you quick enough to lead your team to victory?!
Sign is ideally played in social settings such as small get-togethers and cafés because a match is very short. The goal of Sign is to collect five cards with the same symbol. If a player has collected all five cards (s)he tries to stealthy signal his/her teammate(s) who, if they notice, will call out his/her name and score a point. Players of other teams can also spot your signal or payed attention to your cards and can also call you out at any time! If they are right, it will earn them the points! As you play multiple rounds, tension gradually rises and the pace of the game quickens.

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Food Facts
Frutti Di Mare

Frutti Di Mare is a strategic family game.

Seafood and spaghetti — a deadly combination bound to give you a delicious taste of war. At the head of the army stands the great and honorable King Crab, commander of vast seafood armies, breaker of chains, and inspirational leader in the most dire of times. The ranks of your army consist of a nicely balanced mix of Mighty Mussels, Cunning Calamari, and Shy Shrimps, topped with some Smoking Salmon and Loyal Lobsters. Frutti di Mare: Veni, Vidi, Antipasti! offers a wide pallette to satisfy every taste.

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Bios Genesis 2
Revenge of the Dictators

Welcome to your favorite holiday destination: Hawaii! Hawaii is a place to relax, drink lots of cocktails, and do nothing all day — except, of course, if you’re a dictator. So what are dictators doing during their holidays? The same thing they do every day: Trying to take over the world! And what is a better place to start then that pesky "Ol’ Murica"?

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