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Dear Kunden,

we hope you had a good start in a prosperous new year!
On time to the new year we present you the game: Gads Hill 1874" by Clicker Spiele, with great ratings by "spieletest.de", "angespielt" and "Kinderspielmagazin" and their extension: Railway Station.

Gads Hill 1874
Gads Hill 1874
by: Stephan Riedel

Gads Hill 1874 is innovative and strategic.

The city Gads hill was founded in 1872. It gained popularity through the first train robbery in Missouri committed by the James Younger gang. Today, there is hardly anything that reminds on Gads Hill. Just a sign at the place where the gang stopped the train gives evidence of the earlier existence of the city
How did Gads Hill look like 140 years ago? Where did the duels take place? Where was the hotel located where the Pinkerton detectives spent the night? Where had the Younger brothers been seen? Take your part on reconstructing the city. The player who brings in most of the relevant information wins the game. Gads Hill is based on the concept of Old Town that had been awarded several times*.
*Most innovative Game (2. winner, Hall9000, 2004); Premio Archimede (2. winner, 2002)

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Gads Hill 1874
Gads Hill 1874 - Railway Station
by: Stephan Riedel

Gads Hill 1874 - Railway Station is the extension of Gads Hill 1874.

The first extension of Gads Hill 1874 includes extra infocards and marker. With this material you can put the three buildings/ landscapes "Railway Station", "Bisonweide" and "Cemetery" in place. The specialty of these buildings/ landscapes are that there are only four markers at a time, so the placement is more difficult but you can gain higher points.

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Gads Hill 1874

Gads Hill 1874 has following great ratings.

Spieletest rated Gads Hill with 9 out of 10 Points

James Nathan writes: “I love this game. Wait, I gave away the punch line. I’ve never felt so creative in playing a strategy game. I don’t know what the word is for when I craft a strategy in Agricola or something else, but creative isn’t it. When I look over my hand of cards in Gads Hill, I sometimes have an A-ha/Eureka moment – maybe not when it comes to actually being such a great move, but it is almost like the cards are multi-use. The cards aren’t multi-use, but, depending on how you pair them with other cards, or how you logically implement them, it is as if they are.” “And, as someone who nearly always dislikes expansions, I have to say – for this game, the expansion actually works well. … As there are only three additional buildings, the game is not noticeably longer, and there’s even more variation in the possible configurations, an overall win.”


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